Planes of Elthari

Whispers from Behind Enemy Lines 1

When I encountered that dwarf in the depths of Hades’ temple I recognized it as fate immediately. What were the chances of my planar entry into Hades’ realm putting me in the same room as that foolish paladin? A million to one, and yet it happened. His reaction to going toe to toe with an oathbreaker was priceless—the look of self-righteous indignation he had for me is one I’ll never forget.

I should have killed him.

I fear that my master made a mistake by sending me in merely for observation. I did observe, and what I saw was a strong group of adventurers, clearly with the potential to grow stronger, and the hands of the good gods upon them.

We may soon regret letting them live.



Ryan: “What color is your flame?”






Lisa: “Gay.”

Our Journey So Far
A Review of Your Journey to This Point

Your Adventure Begins!

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Your journey began with a mysterious note carried to each of you via a magical crow. The note was from Marta Aniheim, a female rogue that once did you a favor, and now she was seeking your aid. Reluctantly, each of you came to her rescue, meeting one another for the first time in Dumaria, a small village in Aranawn.

Your travels took you to a bandit camp east of Dumaria, soon revealed to be a new encampment established by Loki’s Hand, an infamous group of bandits that worship the Norse god of Trickery, Loki. You managed to best the camp of bandits with your superior tactics and abilities (although almost lost your monk to the clutches of a very large spider in a very amusing encounter!). As a result, you rescued Marta, but also two others that Loki’s Hand took prisoner: A mysteriously cursed girl bearing the evil aura of Asmodeus, Supreme Ruler of the Nine Hells, and a charming half-elf bard named Rory.

Soon after you return to Dumaria, Marta disappears without a trace when asked for payment. Rory, on the other hand, sticks around, and (impressed with your abilities—for some reason) requests that you escort him and the Cursed Girl to Tiarna, capital of Aranawn. He tells you of the mysterious reawakening of the God Relics, items holding varying power originating from the various gods of Elthari, which have begun to cause problems in the peaceful realms of the world by creating dangerous monsters and attracting the envious eyes of dangerous men.

Rory hopes to find a way to release the girl from her curse in Tiarna, and find out what she might have to do with the power of the God Relics returning to the world.

On the way, you come across a destroyed village and a mourning old man who speaks of a ring bearing the Black Ram, symbol of Hades, Greek god of the Underworld. In order to ease the old man’s suffering, and retrieve the God Relic of Hades in search of any erebos__god_of_death_by_one_vox-d6ed2pq.jpginformation connected to these God Relics, your party entered a dungeon that took you to a dangerous realm inside the Temple of Hades.

You have solved a complex riddle, survived potentially deadly encounters when separated from the group, met a mysterious Tiefling working with an even more mysterious man, and successfully defeated a minotaur and many a cyclops in an effort to retrieve the ring and exit Hades’ dreadful temple.

You have done much, and yet you have barely scratched the surface of the events in motion around you on the planes of Elthari.

Go forward and discover the world around you. Plunder dungeon and castle treasury. Defeat mighty monster and unhinge the organized evils of man. Find the gods and their enemies, and try to survive when you do.

Not every battle will end favorably, even if they have so far. Learn when to press on, and when to retreat, or pay the ultimate price: death.

Good luck, and Godspeed, adventurers!

Ryan Moreno


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