Planes of Elthari

Whispers from Behind Enemy Lines 1

When I encountered that dwarf in the depths of Hades’ temple I recognized it as fate immediately. What were the chances of my planar entry into Hades’ realm putting me in the same room as that foolish paladin? A million to one, and yet it happened. His reaction to going toe to toe with an oathbreaker was priceless—the look of self-righteous indignation he had for me is one I’ll never forget.

I should have killed him.

I fear that my master made a mistake by sending me in merely for observation. I did observe, and what I saw was a strong group of adventurers, clearly with the potential to grow stronger, and the hands of the good gods upon them.

We may soon regret letting them live.



Zombiemonk8 Zombiemonk8

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